>shuga pop and crunch


in an ever changing world, some days you just want to feel extra ordinary. i hit up our local food store at least 2 or 3 times throughout the week, and i have to say, i haven’t been down the cereal aisle in… i cant even remember how long. the thrill of eating cereal lost its fun when fruit loops, honey nut cheerios, and chex were cut off of the list. the ricey options are an alternative, but i never quite got the same sugary pop and crunch i loved as a kid and have totally been craving.
~*until now*~
i think it was about a week ago i saw a commercial for Chex cereal, now coming in gluten free varieties. you didn’t have to ask me twice, this one was def going on the whiteboard list for the next food shopping adventure. so i picked up a box of the cinnamon chex yesterday… this box stands no chance of lasting long in our house, mwahaha :0)
usually about 2-3 hours after we eat dinner, my stomach starts talking to me again… lately i feel like i eat pretty much every couple of hours… i blame it on the extra exercise ive been putting in for the half marathon training, butttttt, isn’t the word on the street that eating multiple, smaller meals throughout the day versus just the three main ones is actually better for you?! im totally digging that idea, so i’m sticking to it! i whipped on up a desserty goodness of cinnamon chex cereal, a handful of craisins, of course some vegan chocolate chips and coconut milk to top it all off. the tune of ‘it must be heaven’ popped into my head, i don’t even remember what we were watching on tv because i was so enthralled in the amazingness going on in my bowl and the party in my mouth.
another tasty GF find i love to share with the rest of the non wheat eating people of the world… and really, you could make a killer chex mix with this for your next par-tay and the wheat eaters wouldn’t even know what was up, i triple doggie dare ya to try it out! i even have a link for a coupon, 85 cents off, how could you beat that?!


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