>mmm peeza


for all of the gluten free peeps out there, just thought you’d like to know, your days of missing tasty pizza are forever over! i found this amazing goodness at a general store in vermont while vacationing this past winter – also avail in food stores and online places like amazon.com
we finally put it to the test last night… lets just say, my craving was superbly satisfied

this pizza dough took only 25 minutes in total to create, 20 minutes of it was spent waiting for it to rise… in the interim, toppings were prepared: chicken apple sausage, red and orange peppers, onions, tomato sauce and mozzarella style shreds. some of the other pizzas included more goodness like pepperoni, ham, pineapple. and shrimp.
two 12″ pies were made from the bag of mix

the lovely company of friends and family on a saturday night… dough tossing craziness taking place on the cornmeal drenched island… quenching a craving for pizza that hasn’t been tapped since october… pricelessssss


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