>happy bday to los presidentes


in appreciation of presidents day and to take advantage of the sweet events our community holds for FREE, we took a little historical outing this weekend to the location of the Battle of Monmouth, in Freehold, NJ in the Monmouth Battlefield Sate Park. an adorable older gentleman with a wealth of knowledge spilled his historical heart out to us as he took us for a hike through the field where the Americans and British troops had it out for the day. George Washington and Molly Pitcher were some names dropped, in addition to Lee and Lafayette
it is crazy to grasp that this house was right in the middle of the battlefield, cannons whizzing by, troops marching all over the place… and its still here, not looking too shabby either

the American troops, dressed in wool uniforms on the balmy day of June 28, 1778 walked up this path with cannons being pulled by horses to stake out a position on the hilltop, waiting for the inevitable British troops to counter them

the weather was windy and a little more chilly than we’d been experiencing in the previous days, but we put it to the side to enjoy the views, time together, and reminiscing in our countries history

Happy President’s Day…. and thanks for the day off of work :0)


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