>bowl n bowl


let me tell ya, I was thoroughly excited to see this in my inbox before… so if you get the realsimple weekly newsletter of ‘6 ways to simplify your life’, scroll down to the new section below.
my fave from the newsletter is by far this awesomeness:
is this not one of the brightest ideas you’ve seen in a while or what?! it’s a bowl inside of a bowl, with kewl little alcoves to toss your waste into – solving all of the multiple bowl juggling problems I come across trying to munch on some goodness while being brainwashed by the boob tube. sunflower seeds, pomegranates, nuts … my eating experiences will forever be modulated!

fRiDaY fUnNiEs 
the start of a new feature 

if you’re having a bad day, remember it could always be worse

happy friday to all!

ps – a tasty bread recipe is in the works for this weekend – stay tuned
pss – notice a little change to the sites layout/design – you likey!? id love some feedback :0)


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