>windy chillz

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while zooming down 8th avenue this morning, trying to outrun the bone chilling cold on my way into work, i saw a thermometer sign on the side of a bank that stated 15 degrees… i thought to myself, that things GOT to be broken, there is no way it is just 15 degrees out today. 
c’mon, i need something better than that to complain about!! my colleagues out in Iowa were talking about negative 25 yesterday… NEGATIVE 25??!! i think i’d lock myself in my fireplace for the day…  
once in the elevator on my way up to the tippy top of our building, the wonderful little tv-like contraption that captivates us all for that 30 second ride informed me, no, the thermometer was not lying, but yes, it does feel wayyy colder out. in fact, it was more like 3 degrees with the windchillfactor… and here i was thinking the ‘warm’ spell we had on monday with it feeling like it was in the 40s was a sign… spring, I know you are out there somewhere. please come soon, we really miss you  
so i got a thinkin’ – who does it or how is this wind chill factor thingy figured out?! is it the windchillfactor elf … kinda like that groundhog that ‘predicts’ spring’s arrival? does the weather dude pull a number out of a hat?  
it turns out there really is a scientifical explaination for it, 
with a criz-ay-zee formula and all:

…. yeah – whatever that means ….

 for the laymans out there, like me, who like visuals versus plotting this out with pen and paper, i’ll stick to this chart for future wonderings:

print it out, stick it on your fridge and be prepared to WOW your friends with your scientifical knowledge :0)


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