>bouncey bouncey bouncey


i know i know, call me a walking infomercial, but how could i refuse passing on knowledge of things that – one, make our lives easier and two, make it more fun and entertaining – enter the BOSU Balance Trainer. a mouthful it is, but ive shortened it to BT for ya, no worries mon!
so there i was on monday morning doing what most sane people do on a monday morning, plan out their week’s physical activities… 
no, that’s not what you do? eh… again, maybe its just me!

i had strength and stretching in the line up for the first monday, of many, of my half marathon training plan… i always like to mix things up because i find when i do the same thing week after week i get bored and usually don’t stick to it.
talk about commitment!

i immediately thought of the awesomeness that resides in my workout/changing room – the BT goodness – and started scheming up a recipe of drills to fill my void. and who likes to work out alone when there are family members that ‘need years added to their life’ as i like to coerce them with :0)  i recruited some awesomeness, da mama, to be a guinea pig with me and my new routine. if your buns are crying the day after, you know it was a good workout!!

the BT literally tricks you into working out harder, more efficiently, and in less time… for example, instead of doing a lunge on the ground like you normally would, you do it on the BT and it engages your core at the same time, almost like doing crunches and lunges simultaneously… 

def not me btw, but see how simple this looks!

  that just knocked 5 or so minutes off of your normal routine – 
who doesn’t want time back in their life to do other things that are wayyyy more fun?!

so in just 35 minutes, we rocked a warm-up, stretches, then upper & lower body strength, and last but not least singling out more core exercises – all done on the BT… and for my guinea pig’s first time, she bounced right along with me beautifully… i on the other hand was the one who flew off and almost crashed into the fireplace… almost… you really can get some major air on these things!!
cant wait for next week’s BT adventure, ive got some researching to do for the intermediate level sesh – kickin’ it up a notch!


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