>tha steeeeck


pass me tha steeeeck, quick! that was me yelling up the stairs to the h-bomb-ster… my feet felt like they no longer wanted to be attached to my body, boy were they were achin up a storm. 
no pain no gain, isnt that how it goes?! darn the interval training!!

i heave read about this in numerous runners’ blogs, just like the compression sleeves, that this wonderful little gadget they call ‘the stick‘ can really work some wonders. and we all know i am severely gadget obsessed, so i had to go out and get my own to really put this to the test.

i was es-oh-el-dee SOLD within seconds of use!

jacked straight from their site, the stick provides the following benefits:
Prevent & Predict Muscle Injuries
Dramatically improve strength, flexibility and endurance
Rapidly prepare muscles for physical activity
Disperse the effects of lactic acid following activity
Accelerate muscle recovery

AND its so simple to use

you do a little bit o’ this

a little bit o’ that

oh thats the spot

a lil to the left


i think i just melted

it may not look like much, but let me tell you, tha steeeck, as i like to call it, packs a mighty powerful punch. you kick back on the couch with your favorite show blaring in the background, start rolling this as hard as you can take over whatever muscles are kinked or need to be worked out and viola – the pain literally rolllllls away with each pass. it takes mere minutes and you’re back to feeling like youre on cloud nine, with the fairies and pixie dust and everything… until the next interval sesh at least! mwahahaha

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  1. […] my aunt on a weekly basis for her ever popular ‘poppy foot rubs’, was constantly using the stick and a foam roller to ease my banjo string tight IT bands and hamstrings, sporting compressions […]


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