>pruney digits


last week, in the morning after, i wrote about some easy to do at home aromatherapy remedies for the sore, achey muscles im sure you experienced from shoveling all of this beautiful snow weve been getting. so of course i had to put them to the test, queue the romantical tub scene–>

i used the epsom salts, LOTS of bubble bath, and kinda made up my own mixture with the oils. i combined lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and thyme… it smelled phenomenal, i wish i had smell-o-vision to share it with you! soaked up the goodness until my fingers and toes couldnt turn anymore pruned and the water started to cool down

i couldnt help but wonder, why do your fingers prune when you are in the water for so long?

according to the official library of congress:
The outermost layer of the skin swells when it absorbs water. It is tightly attached to the skin underneath, so it compensates for the increased area by wrinkling. However, new research is investigating the role of digital vasoconstriction (narrowing of blood vessels) of water immersion wrinkling of the skin.

how boring!!! that’s almost as lame as listening to Ben Stein ramble on about whatever it is he rambles on about all day…
i on the other hand prefer this answer i stumbled upon, and im stickin to it:
The reason why your fingers prune in water is that it gives you better grip in water through displacement. Much like tread on water shoes and tires displace water. Only Hands and Feet prune in water, most likely because they are the most important things needed for grip.
now doenst that sound like a way cooler answer to pass on?!
more grip for the wine glass beats skin swelling in my book any day! :0)

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  1. >Hmmm… a great expalantion for that phenomenon!!



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