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my fingers dont feel like they are able to keep up today in the typing dept with how fast my brain is moving! you ever have those days?!

for some reason i am in thinking overload and have LOTS of great ideas to share – expect them through the week – but to get started, i felt this one out ranked the rest because it is something that could save yours or a loved ones life one day. and in honor of VDAY being just around the corner and my new found mantra to love, serve and uplift… direct your buttocks towards this great offer that i received today. ladies and gents, i introduce you to the Road ID.
you strap it on before you head out the door, solo, to go running, biking, or whatever you decide on for physical activity outdoors… if something happens to you while you are out, the emergency peeps will know who you are and can alert the loved one that bought this for you, doesnt that just work out the bestest or what?!
p.s. – hubster, i’d like either one of these in pink, por favor :0)
they have a bunch of different options to buy, ones for your wrist, ankle, shoes, even dog tags… but personally, i dont know who’s going to go digging in my shirt for dog tags to identify me when i’ve fallen and cant get up on the side of the road… the wrist one seems like itd stand out more, but hey, thats just me!

dont miss out on this great offer – 10% off with coupon code pcVDAY14 – it lasts until 2/21 and could be the perfect V-Day gift for your loved one

still on the fence? think of it this way, we put collars on our pets, why not join the club and be cool like them and wear this when you go hit the streets… except this doesnt go on your neck, so maybe not the best example. anyways, there are some crazy distracted drivers these days… texting and emailing while driving, i even saw a cop doing it the other day!


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