ive got my first 1/2 marathon in the horizon – may 1st – and needed to get my buttttt in gear, so i started the couch to 5k app on my iPhone last week… i know, a 5k is like millles away from 13.1 miles, but i needed to get my motivation back after a winter break somehow

i have done it once before, actually i think it was before my first duathlon, and i loved the way it gradually worked your mileage up without becoming overwhelming. i highly recommend it to anyone looking to get into running, jogging or wogging!

stepping out the door with a whole new determination, after not really running that much since the late fall, i felt great and cursed myself for waiting so long to get back out there. the first mile went by like a breeze, new trailrunners strapped on in attempt to not fall on the ice and snow covered streets. oh yes, and the perfect occasion to try out the new garmin forerunner i got – from my bestest friend of all – for christmas. i am definitely a hardcore gadget junky!! i logged 3 miles, 3 times this past week, all in the name of my competitive bug… but ive gotta admit, im not really feeling running in the trailrunners (too stiff) and my shin splints are now back in full force!

shin splints are one of a runner’s top most annoying ailments (tight IT bands and whatever was going on with my ankle last year rank high up on my list too). enter, the compression sleeve –> i picked mine up today at the local running joint and immediately started to feel some relief. ive read a lot about these on running blogs and felt like my time had come to delve into these babies. i think with these and going back to my old standby sneaks, i will be on my merry way to lots of miles very soon… the 12 week training plan starts next week!! are you ready?!

and here’s a few words from the Budman, showing us some of his graceful running moves:

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  1. >What a handsome Doggie


  2. […] using the stick and a foam roller to ease my banjo string tight IT bands and hamstrings, sporting compressions sleeves after the long runs to stop the shin splints from aching… but i trucked on, like a true […]



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