>snOwed IN


there is nothing better than looking out the window first thing in the morning and seeing everything covered in a fresh layer of snow! if you haven’t seen the news lately, the NE got hit by another winter storm…
our sadddd looking Japanese red maple and the wall of snow next to the driveway
 on a side note – i didnt know until last night that it was possible to see lightning and hear thunder while it was snowing, i guess i missed that memo in meteorology class, huh?! ladies and gentlemen, i’d like to introduce you to thundersnow, the wiki-ster will fill you alllll in
so with this beautiful white stuff of course comes shoveling. normally i can pawn it off on the hubster, you know, pull the old, i’ll be out in a minute to help ya, then show up when he’s juuuuust about complete :0) no such luck today… he went to work, i rocked the good ol’ WFH day, and got stuck shoveling. 
snow days were so much cooler when you were a kid! sledding and snowball fights all day… ahhh i digress.  

but the bright side of it, the pilates and strength training i didnt get done at the gym yesterday found their place today. thank you mother nature for keeping us in shape this winter!!

4 responses to this post.

  1. >yay! you're back!


  2. >I AM! spread the word :0)


  3. >Great recipes!!


  4. >be on the lookout for some more tasty recipes to come soon!



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