annnnnnd im back!


holllllla! i have to admit, ive been slacking lately, severely slacking in this blogger dept. what can i say, i got caught up in the world wide web. i am disentangling myself as we speak!
oh yeah annnnnnnd im official now – inside of the fishbowl!! i definitley squealled some enjoyment when they sent me the confirmation email, what a kewl thing! 
and since im official now, i am also putting more responsibility in my court to actually write on this darn thing!
there’s lots of changes and new ideas coming your way shortly, im working on it, give me a little bit of time and ill have the kinks worked out… but in the mean time, expect me back and ‘better than ever!’ LOL  okay… maybe not better than ever, but i’m turning a new leaf and hoping this blog holds me accountable for it.
p.s. hai, i’m Mel, the.wonderer – i never introduced myself before, but i thought itd be cooler if you actually knew there was a human behind all of this, and not some ro-bo-trot sitting in a server somewhere confusing the H out of you with the weirdness :0)


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