a-ha !


dont you just love those a-ha moments when you realize something thats been missing from your life that could have made it that much simpler ?
i had one recently and figured, maybe i can help someone else find theirs… so it starts with Google Reader – why did i not start playing around with this neat lil’ gFeature years ago when it was brought up in a lunch convo?! or even those annoying popups you get in gMail, telling you of new features avail, that you either brush away or click the ‘X’ before you even know whats up? so i finally put my foot down (or gave in to the subliminal messages) on trying to remember all of the news sites, blogs, and various other sites i peruse on a daily basis. if you havent joined the cult, seriously, rethink it! after the 5 minutes it took to subscribe to the rss feeds from the sites i liked, all i could think was, how COOL is this?! to have all of the content of my favorite sites all streaming to one location for my enjoyment, wow have i been missing out

so while i’m on the topic, i might as well add on a couple of more things thats tickled my fancy, and may just tickle yours as well  :0)

Edy’s Slow Churned Ice Cream… who could resist ice cream when its half the fat and calories and even tastier and fluffier than the regular stuff?

realsimple.com… they have everything from: tasty n easy recipes, how to get the crayon off the wall, finances, home reno tips, gardening – really, the possibilities on that website seem almost endless in being able to, or at least helping you, try to make things in life a little bit more simple

bookseer.com… just finished reading a book, loved the author/genre and not sure what to read next that’s along the same lines? just type in the title and author of your last digg and the seer does his magick

and so the wonderer wonders, what was your most recent a-ha moment about?


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