the classzicks

>isn’t it the coolest when you pick up something old and it becomes new to you again? the discovered item in your closet you thought you’d misplaced, a book on the shelf read years ago, battleship?!

i’ve always been a big fan of the classics and on a recent vaca to VT we picked up a bunch of the oldies while driving around aimlessly looking for an adventure, only to find that the games we loved as kids still hit that same nerve. ya know – monopoly, scrabble, cards, the game of life, jenga.. and the list goes on. buttttt, the amazingness of technology now has me playing most of these on a mobile device against friends and family, sometimes states away, being able to plot my next move while at the bus stop or on my lunchbreak. it’s AWESOME!!!

i gotta say tho, nothin beats the real shabam… carefully pulling all of the pieces out of the box, setting it up, dealing the cards, hoping to catch the thief double dipping in the bank…

have you discovery something old that’s now new lately?!


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