8th avenue wonder-wall

>the sights, sounds, and smells i experience on a daily basis in the city never cease to amaze me. sometimes they’re so interesting i’m quickly reminded how thankful i am to be able to hop on one of the various means of transportation, planting my feet about an hour later at home – my sanctuary. other times, i cant help myself, completely compelled to get a second glimpse, or a third even, hell, sometimes a quick snapshot of the madness. a drug dealer getting hit by a cab then running away after he bounces off the hood firing his fake gun at the cabbie, the dollar store with daily techno raves in the sidewalk with the manager on the loudspeaker egging passersby on, the countless amount of homeless people and beggars you almost grow to know by face and wonder whats come of them when the cold weather sets in and theyre no longer at their ‘spot’… there’s so, SO much more, but the outfits really get me. the accessories, the colors, cuts and prints, or the lack there of in most cases… these specimens of the big apple all have their stories, groovin to their own tune… meet yesterday afternoon’s trick –>
spotted on the corner of 8th and 36th, we saw SHim rockin’ out to its own beat while bee boppin their way down the block. the puzzle piece bracelet, wig/hairpiece/actual hair?!, and 3-finger ring def had me sold!


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