honest tea – honest-ly ?

>every once in a while i’ll get this iced tea from our cafeteria that def gets my mental gears a spinnin. perhaps something in the tea? nah, its not what you’d think… its whats printed on the bottle! when you get about a third of the way through, a saying starts shining through on the inside wrapper. a mix of proverbs, quotes and other interesting uses of the english language, always leaving me thinking tho

when a good one comes along that leaves me pondering, ill hang it on my cube wall… a lil something to drift about in the middle of the day, ya know. but seeing these two recently, coincidentally stapled side by side, a Namibian proverb stating ‘only the strong survive’ and some fine words from Sir Darwin himself ‘it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change’ … now i’m really confused

when read singularly, these sayings can possibly leave you thinking you’ve got this craziness finally figured out, maybe, just for this once? but then you read the other, a complete contradiction to the first and you’re only left to think… who has it right? is there even a right at all? we often wonder …

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  1. >Re-evaluate your premises, there is no such thing as a perpetual contradiction.



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