looking for a good author?

>i had a bout a few years back when i couldnt get enough of dan brown. looking back, i think it might have been my first author crush. it started with the davinci code, next was angels & demons, then i discovered deception point, digital fortress and the lost symbol… i couldnt seem to get enough of his writing style, but once id read all of his books, who was next?

the tides have turned and a new crush has def arose – he goes by the name of dennis lehane. i was lent a copy of shutter island (before seeing the movie, which for my scare factor was def a smart move), couldn’t put the book down for the life of me! then i was off to the bookstore like a junky looking for my next fix. after much debate i settled on purchasing just one for the time being, a drink before the war. another one i couldnt put down! im having the same predicament with the given day and thankfully he’s got a bigger list to persue so i should be entranced for a little while…

so i ask this, who’s your latest author crush?

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  1. Posted by Jason on 2010/06/22 at 00:26

    >Try Douglas Prestion or Lincon Fairchild if you haven't already.They did the Relic, and The Cabinet of Curiosities



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